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How to use Eclipse for PHP developers.

This guide shows how to develop PHP applications using Eclipse PDT.

Install Eclipse and the PHPDebugger.inc

  • Download and install Eclipse for PHP developers.
  • Create a PHP project and drag and drop PHPDebugger.inc to your eclipse PHP project.
  • Activate the PHPDebugger in your php.ini file. Add
    to your php.ini file.

Test your eclipse project

  1. Drag and drop Java.inc and JavaBridge.jar to your eclipse PHP project.
  2. Create a PHP test script. For example:
    define("JAVA_SERVLET", false); define("JAVA_HOSTS", 9267); require_once("Java.inc");

    echo new java("java.lang.String", "hello world");
    echo     java("java.lang.System")->getProperties();

  3. Run your test script. Click on the run button and wait up to 30 seconds for the first result to appear.
  4. Your PHP script has started a simple Java server in the background and called the Java procedure "java.lang.System.getProperties()".
  5. Develop your PHP/Java application. Change the JAVA_SERVLET and JAVA_HOSTS to use a Java application back end.
For further information please see the PHP/Java Bridge API documentation.