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How to use Eclipse for PHP developers.

This guide shows how to develop PHP applications using Eclipse PDT.

Install Eclipse and JavaBridgeTemplate.war or JavaBridge.war

  • Download and install Eclipse for PHP developers.
  • Download and install Apache Tomcat.
  • Download and install JavaBridgeTemplate.war or JavaBridge.war to tomcat.
  • Start tomcat, for example with: sh catalina.sh run
  • Create a PHP project called JavaBridgeTemplate or JavaBridge and select tomcat/webapps/JavaBridgeTemplate or JavaBridge as its folder and localhost:8080 as web folder.
  • Make sure you have selected zend debugger in the eclipse php debug options (not xdebug) and you have disabled zend debugger in php.ini (the bridge uses its own debugger embedded in tomcat).
  • In the eclipse explorer window right-click on index.php and select debug or run.
    For further information please see the PHP/Java Bridge API documentation.