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Project Team & Contacts

The php/Java bridge project is made up of a great team of developers, code contributors, and administrators. For questions and tips, please use the Mailing List or Project Forum. For Bugs please post to the Bug Tracker.

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Mailing List


An active mailing list for support and sharing ideas about the php/Java bridge project. Sign up for the mailing list to post messages and receive mailings.

php-java-bridge-users Archives

You can also browse the mailing list archives for previous postings, announcements, and helpful information.

Project Administrators

Please DO NOT send support requests directly to the Administration team members. Post your questions and problems to the Mailing List.

Jon Koerber

Location: California, United States of America
Project and Web site administrator

 André Filipe Machado

Location: Brazil
Debian GNU/Linux code maintainer

Code Contributors

Jost Bökemeier

Wrote the core protocol and the Java implementation.

Kai Londenberg

Wrote the dynamic class loader.

Martin T. Dengler

Wrote the Tomcat CGI Servlet.

Nandika Jayawardana and Sanka Samaranayake

Re-implemented Sun's JSR 223 API for Java 1.4.

André Filipe Machado

Wrote the Debian GNU/Linux port.

Sam Ruby

Wrote the procedures select() and coerce().