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How to use Eclipse for JavaEE developers.

This guide shows how to develop Java EE applications using Eclipse JavaEE IDE.

Install Eclipse JEE

  • Download and install Eclipse for JEE developers.
  • Go to eclipse marketplase (help -> eclipse market) and type cvs. Download and install it.
  • Go to CVS server perspective and paste in the URL from sourceforge.net. Example for SF developers: :extssh:DEVNAME@php-java-bridge.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/php-java-bridge
  • Right-click on the "php-java-bridge" connection and select "Check out as ..." -> "Project in workspace" -> finish
  • After download, switch back to the Java EE perspective and solve the tomcat missing problem as follows:
  • Right click on the issue, select "quick fix" and complete the wizard (choose tomcat 7 download if you do not have tomcat already installed). Wait until tomcat is installed (look in the right bottom corner), until the issue goes away.
  • Go to the servers tab, right-click on "add/remove ..." and deploy "php-java-bridge". Do not start the server yet.
  • Type Control/Shift-r and type AllTests. Open it.
  • Type Alt/Shift-x then t. Wait until all unit tests are green.
  • Start the tomcat server by selecting the "servers" tab and right-click on it. Select start or debug.
  • Open an internet browser and browse to http://localhost:8080/JavaBridge

JSR223 and Servlet ContextLoaderListener

Please note that you must use engine.setContext(new PhpServletScriptContext(...)) in a servlet environment. The standard JSR223 API examples will not run in tomcat. The servlet environment needs a decorated ScriptContext, for example PhpServletScriptContext.
Please see jsp+php.jsp for an example.
If you ignore this, the thread- and connection pools from the standalone version are used, which have different parameters than the pools from the servlet ContextLoaderListener. Your application server will hang after a few hundred requests: PHP_FCGI_MAX_REQUESTS and PHP_FCGI_CONNECTION_POOL_SIZE go hand in hand with the PHP FCGI parameters PHP_FCGI_MAX_REQUESTS and PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN which are passed to the PHP FCGI process environment when the FCGI process pool is started.

For further information please see the PHP/Java Bridge API documentation.